I cannot stand to look at you every day knowing that we will never have a chance.

You see me, but you don’t “see” me.

Not in the way I want you to anyway…


Please don’t smile at me.

Not like that.

Stop it!
You have no idea what that smile does to me…


I’ll tell you what it does to me!

It leaves me breathless!

It leaves me wanting more.

I find myself doing stupid little things just to make you laugh so I can see that smile.


And then…



Then, I go home and cry myself to sleep, knowing that you will never be mine.


Don’t look at me…

Please stop looking at me.

Not like that.

Not like you might care when I know you really don’t.

My heart can’t it anymore.


My heart just can’t do it anymore…


It just can’t!


No! You can’t borrow my sweater cause you’re cold!

Because then you will return it and it will smell just like you.

And you will haunt my senses and I won’t sleep.


Ok fine! Take my damn sweater.

I can’t say no to those big doe eyes!


Now it smells like you.




Stop chewing the tip of your pen like that!

It’s drawing me to your lips…

I can’t stop staring at your lips…

God…I wanna kiss those lips!


Those lips…






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