A little more background on Project 365

A few days ago I was inspired to take pictures of something only I was drawing a blank. So I posted a message on my facebook page for ideas or concepts that I could photograph when I got a reply from a friend of mine who me to check out Project 365. Project 365 was started by Taylor McKnight back in 2004. He documented his life in photographs day by day using only one photograph per day.

I am going to try to accomplish a similar feeling. My photographs will depict my day to day moods, whats going on in my life, my travels to work, home or school, my life with my family, friends and pets, inspiration for new artwork and other things that will just trigger my mind to take a picture. I encourage anyone who is interested in taking photographs to start a project like this because when I was reading about Taylor’s project he stated that it does indeed help you become a better photographer and thats in addition to looking back on your year and seeing the photographs that you took, which in itself is also a wonderful thing.