Project 365, 2010: A Year In Review

Project 365, 2010: A Year In Review

So at the beginning of the year it started off kind of sad as I had found out that my doggie Jack was getting sicker and I now had to give him fluids under the skin. I also saw my 27th birthday which was also sad for me as the year started off rough.

If you go through all the pictures from the year you can tell that my life is pretty boring. I like to photograph random things, take self portraits photograph my pets. But that was the point of this whole project to sum me up!

This year saw a lot of great things. I got to meet my Hero and inspiration, Crystal Chappell. I got to meet other amazing actors and actresses. I got to travel to California and New York City.

This year started off with my losing a ton of weight, and ending with me putting some of it back on. It was a long, difficult year for me.

In April I lost Jack, which broke me. I never had a connection to an Animal that I had with Jack. It was like we were meant to be in each others lives. The vet told me that Jack would not have lived if it wasn’t for me.

I learned a lot about myself this year. I also learned a lot about taking pictures with mainly a cell phone. The artistic quality from a phone is pretty amazing if you really know what you are doing or what you are looking for.

The pictures that I took I took because I wanted a representation of me. I did not take them for aesthetic purposes. So you will find that some of them are out of focus, grainy, but this gave this project an interesting feel and I loved how some of the pictures came out!

All in all the year wasn’t horrible it had many downs, but many ups. It was however, long and difficult but I made it through one more year!

And now it’s the start of a new year and a whole new project!

Stay tuned as I debut Project 365, 2011!!


May your year bring you happiness, love and joy!