What I learned in 2011 through “Project 365”

What I learned in 2011 through “Project 365” is that I lead a very boring life. LOL. And I’m not complaining.

I had a very tough 2011 tho in my personal life and the part I choose to share in Project 365 was the semi-happier parts because I needed to focus on that part or I would have gone mad!

Tho I did share a big loss with you when my best friend, Billy (my 11 year old dog) passed away very suddenly at the end of May. It was something so profound that I needed to make it a part of this blog as it depicts my day to day life. The other parts were funny, sweet, boring moments of my life and that is what makes me me!

I’m gonna keep this blog short and sweet. If you would like to check out Project 365, 2011 in full visit the archive at the top of this page to see the entries!

Happy New Year!


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